When Does Mr. Robot Return (Season 3)?

Mr Robot season 2 ended on an ominous post-credits scene, featuring on-the-run hackers Mobley and Trenton discussing the possibility of repairing the damage done by the 5/9 Hack. Elliot Alderson and Darlene’s fate was left on a cliffhanger and fans learnt a shocking thing about Angela Moss.

The finale revealed the second stage where Robot, Tyrell and the Dark Army have joined forces to destroy the Evil Corp. There is a bomb, subconsciously planted by Elliot, poised to blow up an entire E Corp building when the show returns with season 3 (look out for fireworks). By the end of the episode, we found out that Angela is a part of Dark Amry’s plan.

Also, Elliot’s attempt to thwart Mr Robot’s plan ended up with him getting shot in the stomach by Tyrell. While Tyrell’s phone call to Angela reveals that Elliot survived, his whereabouts are still kept a secret.

The show has gleaned quite an audience since it’s first season and thankfully we don’t have to wait too long for season three. The return is due for release in October 2017.

How do you see the new season going? Are Angela’s motives something to look out for when the show returns? Let me know in the comments below and please subscribe. D.


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