Walking Dead – Bury Me here

Spoiler alert, if you have not watched Season 7 Episode 13 of The Walking Dead, do not read on, come back after you’ve watched it and drop a comment.

What did you think of this weeks episode? I’ve just watched “Bury Me Here” and it features Morgan heavily. There was a  showdown between Ezekiel and some of The Saviors where they had to hand over their guns. And when Gavin checked for water melons in the truck, one was missing. This prompted a stand off where Jared points a gun at Richards face, but instead shoots Benjamin. Benjamin quickly bleeds out. His last words are to quote from the book that Morgan’s been using to guide his own life-preserving mantra since season six: “To injure one’s opponent is to injure one’s self.”


The Saviors have to come to a grizzly end eventually, and I’ll look forward to that episode with bated breath.

Morgan freaks out after the death of Benjamin and kicks over a bin only to find the twelfth melon. Morgan puts 2 and 2 together and he figures it out pretty quickly that Richard created a blockade to steal the melon, and ultimately got Benjamin killed. As the group are handing over the final melon, Morgan takes Richard’s life by strangling him.

Poor Morgan, he’s a really likeable character. So then, after some cathartic zombie killing with his reacquired monk staff, he goes to visit Carol again and tells her what had just happened. They’d spoken earlier in the episode when Carol wanted to know about what happened at Alexandria.

After Benjamin and Richard’s death, Morgan’s views have changed dramatically. He’s fired up and motivated. He tells Carol everything, about Negan, about Glenn, Abraham and the others that have died, and about how the Saviors rule Alexandria. The he tells her, “I’m going to kill them, one by one.” This is what I wanted to see from Morgan, this is bad ass.

In the end Carol visits the Kingdom, this time promising to stay. “We have to get ready,” she says to Ezekiel, “We have to fight.” Ezekiel agrees, though for now he’s content with replanting his gardens. The kingdom is nudged a little closer to war.

A lot to take in there but let me know your thoughts on the episode or Walking Dead in general in the comments below. Thanks 😉




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