One TV Show You Wish Was Still Aired?

That’s the question of the day. Of all the TV shows you’ve watched, what would be your preferred choice to still have on our screens? I’ll make a couple of suggestions, then give you my number 1. I’d love to hear what your choices would be.

The Wirewire

I would watch this forever. As Idris Elba put it, on a Sky TV advert: “The Daddy of all shows”. McNulty, Omar, The Bunk, Bubs, Carcetti, so many brilliant characters. If The Wire were reality TV we’d be zombified already  from watching so much.

The Wire doesn’t just serve up two sides of a coin between good and bad, cop and villain. It is more like a dice where there are many sides to each story.


Probably the TV show that kick started what we see on television today. Smart, gritty, sometimes sophisticated, sometimes brash, always entertaining.

Who doesn’t like a mafia boss that needs to see a shrink because he has issues? Unfortunately this will never be aired again unless Gandolfini returns from the dead as a zombie mafia boss, interesting concept (This has me thinking).

There really is no doubt about my number 1.

Mad Men

This show had years left. Peggy Mitchel, what a role for any female to play. Confident in a male dominated environment and one of the very many characters that made this show great.

Joan Holloway, played by the beautiful Christina Hendricks. Another female character that thrives in the male dominated world of the time, not just because of her sultry looks, but also because of her intellect.

Who can forget Joan’s lover Roger Sterling. Brilliantly played by John Slattery.mad2

An alcoholic millionaire that groomed the main protagonist. His charm was irresistible and Joan was not the only one that fell for his charms.

His love for gin was evident throughout the series and I’m sure his character was based on someones real life. Drop a comment below if you know if this is true.

Don Draper, madthe greatest character of all. Another alcoholic trying to make it in a very competitive world while trying to balance his personal life with his working life as an imposter. We see from episode to episode his mental states. Jon Hamm, who’s first role ever as a paid actor was Don Draper, plays it brilliantly.

I’m sure many of you readers have different shows you’d rather see on TV, but these are mine, this is my blog and I’m making it public. So any criticism I get, I deserve.

Let me know what you’d love to see back on our screens below in the comments :=)



  1. Cool post. I think about this question a lot. Some shows as much as I loved them, I really liked the way they ended, so I’m not sure I’d want more of them. The Wire would probably fall into that category for me. On the other hand, I imagine there were plenty of facets to unravel about the city, so I could see where you are coming from too. Some I’d probably like some more of would be Veronica Mars (can’t get of enough of that snarky P.I.) and Happy Endings (of my favorite comedies this is probably the only one I felt didn’t get enough time on air).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cool choices Mathew, I think there’s a flip side to the question too. Which shows ended just at the right time? Breaking Bad comes to mind, maybe Entourage?


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