Fortitude; Season 2

Most people hate Mondays. It’s the start of the week and for many of us, it’s back to work after the weekend. Me personally, I love Mondays. Monday evenings are TV show night in mi casa. This is the one day of the week I really look forward to as I get to catch up on the many shows that I watch.

Fortitude is one of those shows that I watch, currently running on Sky Atlantic. I know the latest episode was aired on Thursday, but I like to keep it for my Monday evening indulgence.

So, who is watching this show apart from this author? I’m loving the story lines so far. Last season was brilliant, episode by episode it made us question where the show was going. The writers constantly made us question what was really going on. The final episode spectacularly answered all of our questions (no spoilers for those that have not watched yet).

Season two has been much like season one where we are still asking the same questions. Every episode lets us in on another piece of the story and I think that’s the real draw of the show.

I was never really a huge Dennis Quaid fan in the past, but I like his character in this show. Alcoholic fisherman but decent guy. Great casting as I’m sure there are many people like that in the actual town of Fortitude where refrigerators are obsolete.

I also like the inclusion of Lady Stoneheart (Game Of Thrones fans will know what I mean). She and Robert Sheehan‘s characters seem to be the crux of the story.fort

Let me know what you think ofthe show in the comments, and where you think the show is going and don’t forget to  subscribe. I’ll look forward to your comments.


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