Walking Dead – “Say Yes”

Love, blood and bullets were in the air on last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead,” as Rick and Michonne finally had their honeymoon, scavenging goods and killing walkers by day and making the van rock at night.

Theirs was the dominant story in an hour that, like most episodes directed by Greg Nicotero, was full of creative zombie high jinks, even as it explicitly laid out the defining themes of the show’s current phase. Elsewhere, Tara and Rosita wrestled with longstanding dilemmas and Jadis continued to talk funny.

Ever since Rick’s dramatic rebound in the midseason finale (enabled by Michonne), the couple’s relationship has been the engine driving the story. On Sunday they stumbled onto their biggest score yet, as well as yet another car-based walker trick, this one less successful both narratively and aesthetically. The setting was a derelict carnival, which is always good for a few scares, especially when patrolled by a zombie platoon that includes a soldier who sprays machine gunfire at random.

I’m a huge fan of the show and interested to know different opinions. If you’d like to share your insights to the show, drop me a comment below and say hi.




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